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Are you looking for a comfortable, durable, convenient way to carry a firearm? A shoulder holster is the right option for you.

A shoulder holster or underarm holster is the most traditional carry method. Shoulder holsters are very well known for great carry comfort, easy access and immense stability. Created for a special purpose, the concealment of your small arms.

Shoulder carry is not a popular method. Nowadays, it’s rare. Still, should holsters have their advantages that we can’t ignore?

A well-designed, well-fitted shoulder holster works exceedingly well for heavy handguns. In fact, in my opinion, they work better than hip-mounted holsters because they spread the gun’s weight over a larger area of the body.

Why Choose A Shoulder Holster?

If you feel uncomfortable holding the waistband, a shoulder holster is best used in broad strokes. This is also a great solution if you turn your gun on and off frequently for various reasons. In these instances, a shoulder holster is an ideal solution.

If having a gun on the waistband isn’t really to your liking, a shoulder holster allows you to suspend the pistol in a different position so that it’s still carried over the body but away from the waistband and still concealed. At least, to a point—more on that in a minute.

Additionally, a shoulder holster can be easily removed and hung or – better yet – placed in a locking container if the pistol is still in the holster. Wearing a one-shoulder holster is a considerable benefit if you take your gun off and put it back on often.

Some people will even open a shoulder holster if they don’t want to dislocate the waistband or worry about the waistband rigging up when bent. This makes it a viable option for carrying a pistol outside or while hunting, like chest holsters.

Types Of Shoulder Holster

There are 2 types of shoulder holster available.

  • Vertical Holsters
  • Horizontal Holsters

Vertical Holsters

Your first option is a vertical shoulder holster; it is mostly because you’ll be using a particularly big carry. Many people swear by it for comfort and ease of use.

The vertical shoulder holster requires that your CW will have to be held in an upright or downward position to be carried successfully. A vertical shoulder holster is the most uncomfortable of the shoulder holsters. It is generally worn by law enforcement staff. The holsters are built to hold the cw in a vertical position of the body.

The barrel will either be pointed upward or the barrel will be pointed downward.

Horizontal Holsters

The horizontal shoulder holster holds the concealed carry in a horizontal direction from the body. These holsters often position the barrel of the carry to be pointed away from the body of the wearer.

This direction is generally pointed behind the individual that is wearing the holsters.

With either sort of shoulder holster, you may find the holster is worn like that of a backpack. The gun holster is mounted on either one of 2 different straps which are attached to make the holster.

This holster may require you to wear a vest or an open jacket to hide the mechanism and cw from being noted.

This is most frequently seen in pilots who are wearing flight suits, officers or with senior officials who are wearing camouflage. In these cases, the holster and the gun will be plain and the gun is bigger than an average person will carry in public.

Things To Consider When Selecting A Shoulder Holster

Nowadays, shoulder holsters are becoming very popular in the market. More and more people are searching the device on google. According to Google trends, 20k (as of June 2022) people are searching for a monthly shoulder holster.


The shoulder holster is becoming very popular in many sub-regions of the USA like; Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, West Virginia & many more.


Choosing a shoulder holster is a particularly personal preference, it will be based primarily on your own private needs and preferences.

The majority of CW owners have chosen to hold a concealed carry for their own private protection, and that of their family.

There are lots of different things to consider when selecting a shoulder holster.

  • You’ll need to choose if you’re going to need a vertical holster or a horizontal holster.
  • What kind of small arm you will be carrying, may leave you with only a few choices. There really is not one size that fits all.
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Easy of use

Advantages Of Shoulder Holster

You will wish to consider your options very carefully, and put some thought into it when you are trying to select the right shoulder holster. Think about how you will use your cw, and also your body size, and proportions.

It is important you have a correct fit for the small arm you have or are getting. A poorly fitting holster can create excessive wear on your cw and be difficult or near impossible to draw, or even create a bigger problem (you cw has fallen out on the ground).

  • The shoulder gun holster is a great way to relieve a number of awkward issues for gun users.
  • The user doesn’t need to wear a belt. The firearm itself can be pulled in a quick and inconspicuous manner from a shoulder gun holster.
  • It also takes the weight of the firearm off your waist as well as removing the profile bulge associated with the weapon itself.
  • Perhaps most practically, a shoulder holster is perfect for the professional that sits on a regular basis but still needs quick access to their weapon. Air marshals, specialized police, even bodyguards and pilots can often benefit from a quality shoulder gun holster.

Wear A Shoulder Holster Properly

Shoulder holsters are the most comfortable type of holsters you can find. Follow these steps to position the shoulder holster properly:

  • Slide the empty holster rig over your shoulders like you would on a backpack.
  • Adjust the rig so that the back straps cross just below the base of your neck. Do not allow the straps to twist.
  • Tighten the straps so that they are against your body.
  • Turning, bending down, and reaching up, move at the waist. If your holster shakes a lot, tighten your straps.
  • Slide the gun holster, if you have a mobile, into the most comfortable position of the draw. Keep it where your hand would naturally go when you reach your shotgun.
  • Adjust the angle of the holster based on what feels natural to you.
  • Hold your firearm only after the rig is comfortable and secure against your body. Practice the drawing so you can re-adjust the location and angle of the holster if necessary.

Is Shoulder Holster A Good Choice For Concealed Carry?

Is a Shoulder Holster Good for Concealed Carry? This is a very common question. & The answer is very simple.

Well, it depends on a variety of variables, such as your routine, outfit sense, height, type of gun and many other factors.

But, if the conditions are right, you’ll find that shoulder carry is a very easy method, especially if you need to carry extra magazines or handcuff bags with you.

They do require additional training, but if you are serious about becoming a CCW practitioner, this is something you should consider investing in. Secret carriers must be prepared for all kinds of possible environments and situations, so having that extra option is definitely worth it.

Find Holsters By Brand

Are you looking for the best brand of shoulder holster? Consider all your personal preference, your body frame, how you wish to use your cw you will find a holster that will satisfy all your carry needs.

Women usually find that their bodies generally have different contours and proportions than men. When choosing a holster they need to take into account that they have shorter trunks, higher waists.

The companies seem to have been paying attention to this fact as more holsters are being designed primarily for use by women. Purse holsters can be attractive, add a great sense of personal safety too.

There are many popular brands who manufacture great quality holsters for women & men. You can choose according to your needs & requirements. Below are some popular brands you can go with.

  • BlackHawk Holsters
  • Bulldog Cases Holster
  • Fobus Holsters
  • Galco Holsters
  • Glock Holsters
  • GunMate Holsters
  • Leapers Holsters
  • Maxpedition Holsters
  • Safariland Holsters
  • Spec Ops Holsters
  • Specter Gear Holsters
  • Springfield Armory Holsters

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