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Are you looking for an Ankle holster for concealed carry?

The ankle holster is the most concealed carrier.

Ankle holsters (also called “boot”) are much like they sound. These are gun holsters designed to be worn on the ankle. No one will know that you’re wearing it.

The same is true with a thigh holster, but a thigh holster is only appropriate during the summer or if you frequently wear dresses.

This type of Holster is very inconvenient for an average person wearing a pair of pants.

An ankle holster is an excellent option as either a secondary carrier or a primary one in situations where no hip holster will work for you.

They do take a little bit of practice to get the gun out. However, all of this can easily be overcome.

Why Choose An Ankle Holster?

If you have a concealed carry permit, you must conceal your weapon. There are several ways to do this.

A lot of people like the over-the-shoulder Holster. This is fine, but if the weather is cold, you’ll have to reach through lots of layers to get to your gun.

A better option is an ankle holster. An ankle holster is what most police officers use.

They also are allowed to have a belt holster, but it makes a great second option if they are somehow disabled from using their belt.

With an ankle holster, you have to lift your pant legs, and your gun is there.

You can pretend you’re reaching down to tie your shoes and have your gun.

It is the most accessible way to carry a gun concealed manner.

Types Of Ankle Holster

There are two types of Ankle holsters available in the market.

  • Strap-on
  • Slip-on


Strap-on ankle holsters are safe and straightforward, making them simple to put on in the morning.

Along with being simple to use, strap-on holsters offer a better fit than most other ankle holsters. Users can adjust the tension on the holster straps to just the right degree, striking the optimal balance between comfort and concealability.

Most frequently, hook-and-loop straps are used on these holsters to enhance the user’s experience further.


Because they are simpler and more affordable to produce, slip-on ankle holsters are a popular option for customers on a tight budget. These holsters typically consist of a neoprene band to which the actual Holster is fastened.

Since neoprene makes up the majority of slip-on ankle holsters, comfort can be a problem, particularly when wearing the Holster for a long time. The best slip-on holsters, therefore, address this problem with breathable neoprene bands or moisture-wicking inserts.

Things To Consider When Selecting An Ankle Holster

Nowadays, ankle holsters are becoming very popular in the market. More and more people are searching the device on google. According to Google trends, 4.7k (as of August 2022) people are searching for a monthly ankle holster.


The shoulder holster is becoming very popular in many sub-regions of the USA like; Tennessee, Indiana, Lowa, Arkansas, Utah & many more.


Choosing an ankle holster is a particularly personal preference; it will be based primarily on your own private needs and preferences.

Most CW owners have chosen to hold concealed carry for their protection and their families. There are lots of different things to consider when selecting an ankle holster.

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Easy of use
  • Concealment
  • Price

Advantages Of Ankle Holster

Some advantages of Ankle holsters make them suitable for concealed carry. Ankle holsters help carry a backup handgun and are excellent for concealment. Because of these two characteristics, they are an excellent investment for any serious gun owner with more than one weapon.

  • Quite comfortable for users. Continue reading at:
  • An excellent choice for a backup gun
  • Easy access while seated
  • A good option for CCW-unfriendly wardrobes
  • Not many guys look at other guy’s ankles
  • Pants tend not to be form fitting around the ankles

How To Use An Ankle Holster

The most challenging Holster to have access to is the shoulder holster. This is because often there are a lot of clothes over the layer you have the Holster on. If there aren’t layers over it, you might not comply with local concealed carry laws.

Compared to that, the ankle holster is relatively easy to get to. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice learning how to get to it. The leg holster does need practice. You want to learn a couple of techniques and practice them regularly.

You want to be able to get to the gun as fast as you can. Only practicing these simple techniques will enable you to do that. Without practice, you’ll find that you don’t have easy access to your gun when needed.

When you’re wearing one, you can’t be wearing tight-fitting skinny jeans. You have to wear loose pants. The first step in getting to that gun is getting under the pants. You need to be able to lift them easily.

You need to be able to move them without it causing an extra step. Ideally, you want to lift your pant leg before reaching down to get the gun.

Two techniques are used to get a gun out of your ankle holster. The first one is the kneeling technique. The second one is a technique where you step out.

We’ll discuss the kneeling technique first. You want to kneel on the leg that does not have the Holster. As you kneel, pull up the pants leg on the leg that does have the Holster. When you’re down in that half kneel position, you can start reaching for your gun’s handle. With this position, it is best to use the knee as your starting position for any engagement you need to do.

If your gun has rubber grips, you should be aware that it is possible that your pant leg can get stuck on them. This is something that depends on the fabric of your pants as well as the grips on your gun. However, it’s better that you know that this might be an obstacle now than when you’re in a position where you’re fumbling with your pant leg to try and get your gun.

With the step-out position, you create a significant stride with the legs. Your leg with the Holster should be the one you step out with. Then you reach down. As you reach down, bring as much of the fabric of the pant leg up as you can. Get the gun’s handle, and rise back to a standing position. Now you are in the vertical place to shoot from. Many people are more comfortable with this, but it takes a bit more practice than the kneeling position.

It would help if you practiced both positions. If your ankle holster is your primary Holster, your life will depend on it.

Is Ankle Holster A Good Choice For Concealed Carry?

In general, yes. An ankle holster can be a good choice for concealed carry unless you always wear shorts or slim/tight jeans. It is significantly less natural to draw from the waistband, so make sure you practice your draw stroke (safely).

Find Ankle Holsters By Brand

Are you looking for the best brand of ankle holster? Considering all your personal preferences, your body frame, and how you wish to use your CW, you will find a holster that will satisfy all your carry needs.

Women usually find that their bodies generally have different contours and proportions than men. When choosing a holster, they need to consider having shorter trunks and higher waists.

Many popular brands manufacture great quality holsters for women & men. You can choose according to your needs & requirements. Below are some popular brands you can go with.

  • BlackHawk Holsters
  • Bulldog Cases Holster
  • Fobus Holsters
  • Galco Holsters
  • Glock Holsters
  • GunMate Holsters
  • Leapers Holsters
  • Maxpedition Holsters
  • Safariland Holsters
  • Spec Ops Holsters
  • Specter Gear Holsters
  • Springfield Armory Holsters

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