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Types Of Pocket Holsters - Front Versus Rear Models

If you are a gun holster lover, the pocket holster is a good choice for you. Pocket holsters are the type of holsters a person can carry inside the pocket.

A pocket holster is made of leather, Kydex, or Nylonone. It's easy to use and is one of the safest options to carry a small revolver or pistol.

This article addresses the differences, pros, and cons of a front pocket model and a rear pocket model. First, let's take a second to cover the basics of these two designs:

Front Pocket - Front pocket holsters today are generally made of leather, Kydex, or ballistic nylon. They are designed to fit in the front pocket of most trousers or pants. Most offer some design that helps break up the weapon's outline in the pocket. Several models feature some kind of release device that the wearer activates when the gun is drawn. There are several release mechanisms on the market today, including a hook, thumb push, or friction that removes the weapon from the holster as it's drawn.



  • Image They are now being made to fit a fair number of small pocket pistols
  • Image Allows for quick access when standing and is a little slower when seated
  • Image Provides a concealment option in situations when more typical CCW is not possibly


  • Image Requires some form of release during the draw to separate the holster from the weapon
  • Image It takes up an entire pocket, so nothing else can be carried in that space

Rear or Back Pocket

These holsters are generally made of leather specifically designed to be worn in the rear or back pocket. Nearly all this style of holsters features a wallet-shaped background that is designed to look like a wallet in the back pocket. From a material standpoint, Kydex is a little too rigid, while nylon isn't rigid enough for a rear pocket application. Some manufacturers produced wallet holsters with an integrated trigger finger hole to access and fire the weapon without ever drawing it from the holster. The BATF has outlawed these styles, so I wouldn't recommend considering one of those.


  • Image Depending on the weapon choice, it can allow for very deep concealment (think Kel-Tec P3AT or Ruger LCP)
  • Image Relatively easy to draw while standing


  • Image Pocket size as compared to a front pocket eliminates many possible handgun options due to size
  • Image Impossible to draw when seated
  • Image Uncomfortable when seated
  • Image Depending on the design, you could sweep your body with the muzzle during a draw


A front pocket carry is a good option between the two options. No matter the need, situation, or dress code, front pocket carry is possible. A front pocket allows for a much quicker draw and presentation than the back pocket. The pocket-sized weapons produced today are now more than capable of providing an excellent self-defense package.

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