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1911 Holster – What's the Best Holster for You?

If you are an owner of a 1911 pistol, in this article, we will offer you the listing of some best 1911 holsters that you must have to protect your pistol.

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About 1911 Holster

Around the turn of the last century, the U.S. Army decided they wanted an auto-loading handgun with ballistic capabilities along the line of the Colt 45.

John Moses Browning came up with the 1911 design, and in the hundred-odd years since, it became one of the most iconic in the history of firearms. In the words of 1911 expert Robert Campbell, it hits like "a velvet-covered brick."

Nowadays, the 1911 pistol has become more popular compared to previous times. No matter your purpose to carry this gun, it will perform well.

When you have your favorite 1911, you also need a good-quality holster to protect your gun.

Having a good quality holster is essential for easy carrying, keeps your gun protected, and also gives a cool look for your gun.

Types of 1911 Holster- Pouch For Guns In Style

Different types of 1911 holsters are available in the market.

Each of them is uniquely designed for the highest comfort level while carrying it along in style.

The holster is categorized under three main sections:

The first two are the most commonly used 1911 holsters. High-density polymer is used to make this for weapon carriers. The design is made to provide comfort to the person carrying the weapon.

They are lightweight and easy to carry and fit your belt with ease. They are skin-friendly and comfortable for all weather.

The 1911 leather holster prepared with pure leather is stitched and designed for carrying a weapon.

It is a secure way to carry weapons and is perfect for police, the army, and civilians.

There are a wide variety of holsters available in the market, and each is of a different price and style.

Holsters are of the single and double carrier, which means you can carry single and double weapons together.

Many designs are explicitly made per the military or civil service requirements. Another good option is the Kimber 1911 holster.

A 1911 holster is best fitted for the waistline, and they are designed uniquely with complete comfort. They are skin-friendly – with many styles, prices, and designs – you really can't go wrong with a 1911 holster.

Advantages Of 1911 Holster

1911 holsters are a popular choice for many people. Having a good quality gun holster is essential to carry a gun. You'll get several benefits if you use a holster to cover your 1911 gun.

  • People do not feel comfortable showing their weapons in public places. Therefore, using a holster can help cover weapons. Holsters are helpful to cover up your girl when you are in public places.
  • Apart from covering your arms in public places, it also helps in providing you with a good look. Your gun and the use of a gun holster give you a great look.
  • The essential benefit of using a holster is the safety of your weapon. If you use a holster for your gun, it will be safe in its place.

Things To Know Before Buying 1911 Holster

The 1911 gun is not so thick so having a good quality holster is essential. When picking a holster for a 1911 gun, you must take care of some tips.

  • Durability
  • Style: I.W.B. vs. O.W.B.
  • Application
  • Materials
  • Sizing and Fit
  • Retention

What is a good holster for 1911?

There are many types of holsters you can choose for your 1911 gun. Below we are sharing the top 5 1911 holsters you must try.

Top 5 1911 Holsters

  • Bianchi 111 Cyclone Crossdraw Holster
  • Kramer Vertical Scabbard Cowhide Holster
  • Tucker Gunleather "The Answer"
  • Pro Carry LT
  • I.W.B. Concealment Holster

Bianchi 111 Cyclone Crossdraw Holster

Cyclone Crossdraw Holster The Cyclone is a cross-draw holster, which offers a few advantages right off the bad. It sits on the front of your hip, meaning it's easily concealed and easy to draw. This applies even when you're sitting down.

If you happen to be into 1911 hunting and are on a stakeout, go ahead and chalk one up for the Cyclone. It's also worth mentioning that it's a double-loop holster, so you can also wear it on the solid side.

The leather it's made from is exceptionally well-made. It might be a bit stiff the first few days of use, but you're left with a very supple product once you break it in.

Kramer Vertical Scabbard Cowhide Holster

Kramer Vertical Scabbard Cowhide Holster Just looking at a picture of this Kramer holster will give you a sense of what a high-quality product it is.

Made from premium black cowhide leather, this 1911 gun holster is a stylish and convenient choice if you want to shell out a little extra.

This holster carries the gun in a "neutral rake," vertical position as the name implies. Straight up and down, in other words.

One more thing that chalks up this holster a few points in the excellent department: the word is that this is the holster of choice for certain government agencies, which is at least worth a little bit of a wow factor if you want to brag to your buddies.

Tucker Gunleather "The Answer"

Tucker Gunleather The Tucker Silent Thunder is a little bit different, though. Two guys from Texas figured that if they could figure out a way to take the best sides of both and bring them together, they'd end up with a real quality 1911 holster.

Thanks to the Kydex, it's a solid protective holster, but the leather lining means your gun will not be looking at anywhere near as much wear and tear.

This is high-quality stuff, strong and rigid while still being impossible to snap.

The Original Hybrid Holster, Ultra-Concealable, Tuckable, Comfortable and Secure.

Pro Carry LT

Pro Carry LT The Pro Carry LT holster is constructed with the same polyester and metal clips used in the Pro Carry HD design but has no shape.

This holster is available in three colors; black, natural, and mahogany. Pro Carry LT is suitable for left and right-hand shooters.

In addition, L.T. can be ordered for various lasers, such as LaserMax, Crimson Trace, and Viridian lasers. Carry LT can be worn with a fixed side and cross pull.

* To carry this item slightly back at the waist, you must select the opposite hand for shooting. Select an inverted cant to maximize drawing options.

I.W.B. Concealment Holster

I.W.B. Concealment Holster This is the holster that is good for personal concealed carry. It's comfortable, durable, and constructed of premium horsehide with the rough side out.

This holster is an actual day-in, day-out working concealment holster. It is worn inside the waistband and attaches to your belt with two snaps.

This is very convenient because you don't have to take your belt off to put the holster on or take it off.

Every once in a while, you find an exceptional product; this is one of them... in both quality of manufacturer and functionality.

Final Words:

I hope our 1911 holster review was helpful for you, and you found exactly what you were looking for. There are other types of holsters you can choose from.

Above, we share some basic information you must know before buying a 1911 holster.

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