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How To Choose Glock 43x Holster.

Glock 43x Holster For Concealed Carry . Compare The Prices of Glock 43x Holsters.

Glock 43X is the best handgun for concealed carry. Shopping for holsters online can be time consuming, especially concealed carry holsters. Here is the specification of the Glock 43x gun.

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Basic Information About Glock 43x

Glock 43x was introduced at the shot show in 2019. It is Glock’s slim-line pistols chambered in 9mm Luger. Its 15 rounds magazine capacity makes it ideal for concealed carry.

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G43x designed for comfort, combines a compact size grip length, a built-in beaver tail, and a subcompact slim slide for a comfortably balanced, versatile grip that's ideal for various users.

Glock 43x Holster

The Glock 43x, is a single stack 9mm pistol. Whether you intend to carry a Glock 43x as your primary sidearm or as an addition, you need a high-quality holster. It would help if you had a holster that's as small as the pistol it's meant to carry. Keep this in mind, and you will know how to choose the best-concealed carry holster for your needs.

Glock 43x Holster

Many Glock 43x holster options are available online, and some of them are excellent quality, and some may need to fit better for Glock 43x. So not all of them are worth your time. Some holsters are cheap, and some others are expensive. Below we have listed top-rated holsters for Glock 43x.

Glock 43x Holsters to carry Positions.

The first thing you'll need to consider when choosing a Glock 43x Holster is your carry position. There is a variety of carrying positions for the Glock 43x.

  • IWB Holster
  • OWB Holster
  • Shoulder Holster
  • Ankle Holster

IWB Holster (inside-the-waistband)

Glock 43x IWB Holster

The IWB holster (inside the belt) is one of the best options for small pistols. By wearing an IWB Holster between your belt's inside and body, you can hide your Glock 43x more effectively and minimize the seal.

However, the Glock 43 x is a small and slim firearm. Some gun owners consider IWB sub optimal as it adds volume and increases belt tension against the abdomen.


  • Smooth Pull- No Looseness - Perfect Protection
  • Cover the entire gun body for effective sweat protection.
  • Hand-polished edges for smoothness and comfort.
  • No sharp angles, and comfortable to carry.

OWB Holster (outside-the-waistband)

Glock 43x OWB Holster

OWB Holster tailored for Glock 43X (Gen 1-5) pistol. Worn daily above 10 hours under a sports jacket, this Holster delivers security and comfort. The OWB holster is not as concealed as the IWB alternative, all other things equal.

Many shooters also find that OWB holsters are easier to draw weapons from. If you want your Glock 43x to be well concealed, wear a long, loose shirt or light jacket to cover it. Glock 43x OWB Holster additional security lock will help prevent falling or dropping.


  • Secures your weapon once holstered and allows a fast draw with index finger release.
  • Smooth and frictionless draw.
  • Compatible with G43 G43x.
  • 360 Degrees Adjustable For 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25 Wide Belt.

Shoulder Holster

Glock 43x Shoulder Holster

Glock 43x is pretty light, when worn above a shirt and beneath a jacket, they hide effectively, but only as long as you have your jacket on. You can also conceal them under a loose shirt, but because the holster sits against the ribs, it can be tough to get to your firearm fast, especially if your shirt is tucked in.

Muzzling is also a problem while wearing conventional shoulder holsters, which place the gun immediately behind you, and it's hard to draw out from a shoulder holster without accidentally muzzling bystanders.

Ankle Holster

Glock 43x Ankle Holster

The ankle concealment holster fits Glock 43x. Although ankle holsters aren't a standard first solution for a primary firearm, many people that carry a backup weapon do so.

Ankle holsters are uncomfortable to wear, especially if your legs are hairy, and weapons in ankle holsters are difficult to access.


  • The Glock 43x ankle holster is extremely comfortable, and you never have to worry about it loosening up on you.
  • The holster was recommended by a police officer.
  • Perfect for concealed carry.

What should you know Before You Buy

You have a few options when searching for a suitable Glock 43x Holster. You need a highly concealable holster for this type of weapon. This is because many factors influence holsters; only some who sell them match the best holster performance with every model sold.

Holster Materials

Glock 43x holsters are available in various materials like leather and Kydex, but some are better than others. You can buy the best materials and hardware to make the most reliable, lightweight, and dependable Glock 43x Holster for concealed carry.


Leather is considered to be one of the most comfortable materials for gun holsters because it is soft, compressible, and molds to the shape of your body over time.


Durable, rigid, and impervious to water, Kydex effectively retains its shape and won’t deform due to extensive use. Holster manufacturers thermoform Kydex to specific firearms for a custom-molded fit.

Holster Retention

Holster retention keeps the gun secured in its holster and is an aspect we must consider if we are going to carry a pistol. Whether you choose a leather or kydex holster, your holster needs to provide adequate retention. Holsters can either have active or passive retention, depending on your requirements.

Active Retention:- Active retention uses an external fastener or internal locking mechanism to secure the firearm in place. To draw your weapon, you’ll need to open a snap closure, press a button, or rotate a protective hood. While useful for open carry to reduce the risk of a criminal assailant attempting to take your firearm, these active-retention methods can also introduce obstacles to a smooth, efficient draw.

Holster Retention Image Credit: https://www.outdoorhub. com

Passive Retention:- Passive retention uses a tight fit between the inside of the holster and the outside of the handgun to keep the gun from slipping out.

Comfort And Concealment

The best holsters allow you to adjust the angle or cant of the holster on your gun belt, along with the ride height and retention. Although the Glock 43x is a highly concealable firearm, by varying the ride height and cant of the holster, you can minimize the extent to which the butt of the pistol protrudes through clothing.

This adjustability also helps you reliably achieve a full firing grip on the weapon when you need to draw.

Holster Safety

Glocks are extremely secure weapons, but because they lack manual safety mechanisms, it is much more crucial to locate a holster that entirely conceals the trigger guard. This is vital for all holsters but especially important for firearms that do not have a manual safety.

Your strict observance of gun-safety rules is critical to your safety and others. However, your Glock holster should have a fully covered trigger guard for several reasons. The most important security is between your ears."

Top Seller Of Glock 43x

Sellers Name Types Of Products Price Range
We The People Holster
We The People Holster
IWB, OWB $ 46.00 to $130.00
Alien Gear Holsters
Alien Gear Holsters
Concealed and open carry, Leg Holster, Shoulder holster $64.88 to $92.88
Bravo Concealment
Bravo Concealment
OWB Concealment holster, IWB, Combos $36.99 to $66.59
Crossbreed Holsters
Crossbreed Holsters
IWB, OWB, Mag Carries, Pocket holster $39.95 to $94.95
Glock Store
Glock Store
Concealment holster $29.95 to $169.95

FAQs For Glock 43x Holsters

Q: Glock 43 Holster Fit A 43X?
Ans: Yes, the G43 and the G43X can fit in the same holsters.

Q: Is Glock 43x a Good Gun?
Ans: The Glock makes good guns, and the 43X is a quality weapon considering the price range that it competes.

Q: Is The Glock 43x Easy To Conceal?
Ans: Glock 43x size is naturally easier to conceal than compacts and full-size auto-pistols.


Glock 43x Holster is a very competent Concealed Carry weapon option. It is a perfect holster choice if you’re searching for a concealed carry gun and you’re a fan of Glock.

We have a listing of top-quality American Made IWB and OWB holsters for your Glock 43x. Also, Glock 43x mos holster, Glock 43 holster, and Glock model of your choice is available in Kydex or leather. Browse our selection today and find what you need to carry confidently.

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