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We the People Holsters.

We the People Holsters are holster nerds, founded in 2016. Offering American Made Holsters with 12 Months Return Policy and lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. They are experts in Concealed Carry & Open Carry Kydex Holsters for Guns & Pistols. Wide selection of American-made Kydex holsters that lasts long. We The People Holsters is known for durability, practicality, and functionality in all manner for a great and reliable holster. Twelve months return policy, make sure you get satisfaction with the products.

We the People Holsters

We The People Holsters sell the highest quality of IWB Holsters, OWB Holsters, and accessories. With excellent customer support and customer love, 375,434 Facebook likes, and 398,388 followers on Facebook, We The People Holsters is growing and providing exceptional customer support. We The People Holsters is a holsters lover's heaven.

We the People Holsters

Visit the We The People Holsters website and feel fantastic to browse all the exciting things in the store. Large selection when it comes to prices of holsters. Find the perfect pick for anyone. Beautiful multi-color in holsters, all price ranges, and also get accessories. The team really workes hard to give the exact printed custom Kydex holsters that customers want. We The People Holsters website is a great resource and a one-stop destination for a person who loves holsters and wants to explore a wide variety of holsters and accessories. The prices are reasonable.

We the People Holsters Color Option

We the People Holsters is the most comprehensive and oldest retailer for various kinds of holsters. Hundreds of designs and color options are available to select from a wide variety of holsters. We the People Holsters actively adds Flash Sales and offers free shipping over $50. Find the best deals on almost every item including; PSA dagger holster, Kydex holster & more on the website.

People Also Ask

Who Owns We The People Holster?
David Strarager.

Are we the people holsters Tuckable?
The WTP IWB holster is not tuckable.

What are we the people holsters made out of?
IWB holster is a taco style shell made from . 08” thick Kydex.

How long does it take to get we the people holster?
3 to 5 Days. 

We the people holsters review.
This is just great. 

What is the product warranty?
Most items come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against any manufacturing defects.

We The People Holsters Address
We The People Holsters
3585 East Patrick Lane, 1200
Las Vegas, NV 89120

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