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Safariland Products Listing. Best selection of top-quality Holsters from safariland Holsters.

When browsing for holsters, there are hundreds of results on the internet, and it's hard to sort out the best from them. Online searches will only give you the best result if you are looking for a gun holster in the market. Here is a list of top quality American Made Holsters by Safariland.

Safariland Holsters

Before we get to the holsters themselves, we'll tell you a little about the Company. The Company based in the USA has done well so far. Aside from being a reputed group of guys, they've found their products and services to be as promised and deliver a generally great holster. Once we've gone over the Company, we'll tell you what they offer in addition to holsters so you can choose for yourself if some of these products are worth your hard-earned money.


The Safariland Group is a premier global outdoor gear provider of trusted, innovative, high, and best-quality law enforcement and security products for public safety, military, and outdoor personal protection markets.

The Safariland Group is a company with a rich heritage in the law enforcement and sporting markets. It is a group of recognized and well-respected brands from industry experts known for their innovation and quality. They are committed to focusing on their customer first in all they do. Their mission, Together, We Save Lives, is much more than a statement; it is a creed they live.

At The Safariland Group, they live these values every day. They live them when they empower thousands of people to design, research, and deliver their protective equipment products to those that keep everyone safe. They live as they continuously innovate to add to the premier group of Safariland product lines that protect law enforcement, the military, and professionals.

The Safariland Group's 55th anniversary of providing trusted and innovative life-saving equipment to law enforcement, military, outdoor gear, and personal protection markets. As they move into the future, they rely on The Safariland Group's legacy to guide and influence the Company's growth through their collective pledge to achieve the best results. It is a common thread that binds them together.

Products They Offer

Safariland manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of safety and survivability equipment for the law enforcement, public safety, military, and recreational markets under several brands, each of which is tied to the Safariland corporate brand.

Products They Offer

Products include body armor under the American Body Armor, Second Chance, and protech brands; holsters and duty gear under the Safariland and Bianchi brands; accessories under the Hatch and Monadnock and other specialty brands; and less lethal products under the Defense Technology brand.

Through its acquisitions, Safariland provides explosive ordnance disposal products under the Med-Eng brand, marine, and aviation products through Mustang, personal protective equipment through Aegis/LBA and PSP, and communications equipment under TCI.

Quality & Safety

The Safari holsters tests were very safe. They worked perfectly and allowed for easy adjustment of the "grab" of the holster on the pistol.

The wide belt clip of these IWB makes it easy to draw your firearm without risking ripping off the holster as a whole. It is a very secure clip and will hold your guns.

The OWB holster has a large insert paddle and hooks on the paddle grip. It stays on your body until you take it off. Pull the holster away from your pants and rotate it to keep the hooks from catching again.


They found the holsters very lightweight, which we like in a holster. Guns are heavy enough when loaded, so the holster is unnecessary to add to the weight.

Any concealed carry holster sitting between you and your pants isn't going to be the most comfortable or natural thing in the world.



Holster Attachments

Holster Attachments


There are several methods to carry a concealed firearm effectively. When choosing what you're going to have, three main things will affect your Choice of holster:

  • What's your method for carrying a holster?
  • Are you comfortable using these methods?
  • Does the method properly conceal your firearm?
  • Other factors may also influence your choices, such as the types you wear, the activity level you're involved in, and the typical weather.


The outside waistband method of concealed carry sits outside the belt and is comfortable to carry. However, users may find OWB holster not as a concealable method when raising their arms or bending over and clothing or jackets shift. And since the firearm sits outside the belt, printing is more likely.

The outside waistband


The waistband method of concealed carry on the inside of the belt is highly concealable because IWB holster hides most of your gun, although it may be less comfortable since the firearm is pressed close to the body.

Inside waistband


Other concealed carry options include methods like ankle, shoulder, thigh and pocket holsters.

Alternate Carry


At The Safariland Group, their mission statement, Together, We Save Lives, also applies to our supply chain. Continue to deliver products that protect us. They require agile, reliable, innovative, and competitive suppliers. They believe strong and resilient relationships with our suppliers at every level are critical for us to meet our customers' expectations and continuously improve as a company.


At The Safariland Group, they work together to provide protective solutions that make a difference to law enforcement, military, security personnel, and outdoor customers. They are a group of innovators and designers that embrace, engage, and creativity and new advancements in science, engineering, and manufacturing to achieve the Company's mission.

How They Work

They believe innovation drives winning performance, and we constantly challenge ourselves to be the best in every aspect of our business. Their colleagues are some of the best and brightest in the industry. They are seeking new team members who exhibit the diverse competencies that will drive The Safariland Group to even greater success while maintaining the culture of being a great place to work.

What Kind Of Pistol Do You Have?

Safariland holsters are built to exact standards for the correct fit and retention. Knowing your firearm make, model, caliber, and barrel length is critical to getting the right fit. You may want to examine your gun's original packaging or review the manufacturer's website to ensure you have the correct information.


Compared to similarly designed Kydex holsters with printed designs, Safariland runs about the middle of the pack in terms of price. It's not the most expensive one you'll find, but it's not the cheapest either. You'll find even more affordable options on Amazon, but those are typically not known brands and may vary in quality and features.

Refund policy

Their 100% satisfaction guarantee backs all safariland orders. Within 30 days (14 days for Communications purchases) after receiving your product, you want to return your safariland product for any reason.

Their customer Service team will review the request & contact you with your return number (RA#) and instructions on where to send the product. You will be issued a refund upon receipt and review of the product.

Please note: Communications products have a 14-day return policy and a 20% restocking fee charged for product returns or if an order is canceled, whether or not the order has been shipped. Non-warranty-related returns will only be accepted within 14-days of the ship date. After 14-days, TCI reserves the right to refuse returns and will only provide an account credit or product exchange if a return is accepted for items sold as "new". Products that cannot be resold as "new" because of use or wear are ineligible for return or exchange. If a product has been shipped and returned, the shipping cost is non-refundable except for instances involving warranty repairs.


Safariland offers free shipping for all orders on the website over $150. For orders under $150, there will be a $9.99 charge for shipping. For tax exemptions, please create an account, and follow the steps on the following account dashboard page. To purchase these products, please visit the website. To see what dealers are in your location/region, please use our Dealer Locator. safariland products are not for export outside of the USA. Please note the use of freight forwarders to circumvent this restriction is prohibited.

How to Use

Hours Of Operation:
Monday – Friday
9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. EST

Safariland Address:
4700 E. Airport Drive
Ontario, CA 91761
Phone: 800.347.1200

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