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Finding the right holster is essential as finding the right gun. When you are sorting out different pistol holsters, you need first to make sure it fits your pistol that is make and model because there are both pistol and revolver holsters. Not all holsters are one-size-fits-all. You have a few things to consider when looking for a gun holster, like how you want to carry a holster.

Optics Planet Gun Holster

To find the right gun holster, visit the OpticsPlanet How to Buy a Holster. In addition to the great information, They have gun holsters from the best brands like Safariland, Blackhawk, Desantis, Galco, and more.


OpticsPlanet has been the online destination for outdoor gear since 2000, serving millions of customers. From their home in America, heartland started as a minor sporting and lab optics website. It has become an online destination for gear, whether shooting, hunting, military, public safety, eyewear, or laboratory.

OpticsPlanet offers hands-on know-how, customer service, a diverse selection of products, and highly competitive online store prices. With hundreds of thousands of products from over 800 leading brands, their impressive selection of outdoor sports, hunting gear, tactical apparel, and shooting accessories is unmatched by any other store. And as an award-winning, customer-focused store, they are constantly expanding their product range based on the feedback from our millions of satisfied customers.

Why Buy from OpticsPlanet?

OpticsPlanet is the leading online store for hunting, outdoor, military, law enforcement, and laboratory equipment. For OpticsPlanet, excellent customer service is more than just answering the phone when you call. For them, that means delivering the complete offering of products, services, resources, and more to ensure you're shopping premium every time you visit.

Why Buy from OpticsPlanet?
  • Optics Planet offers Free shipping on over 250,000 items.
  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase? Return it!
  • They carry an unbeatable selection of gear.
  • OpticsPlanet local warehouse is over 300,000 square ft.
  • Offer exclusive daily deals and promotions.
  • Product Expert Team.
  • Library of guides full of complete advice.
  • Endless product reviews from real users.
  • Countless awards and rave reviews.
  • OpticsPlanet uses the most advanced tools available.

Coupons, Deals & Discounts

Optics Planet always has an offer for you! Whether you're looking for gifts, discounts, coupons, or other great deals, they've got everything you need to check out here. You can also check out their range of sales, discounted items, or demos/open boxes and save big!

Coupons, Deals & Discounts

Get free shipping on most orders at $49 or more when you buy from OpticsPlanet. So, gear up on OpticsPlanet today!

Customers Care

OpticsPlanet has teams of service experts standing by seven days a week to answer customers' calls, emails, and chats. These seasoned professionals are ready to assist with everything from answering technical product questions to placing an order to taking advantage of their free return policy.

Serving customers is more than just a job requirement for OpticsPlanet. It's a way of life. OpticsPlanet knows that to create the ultimate customer experience, they have to get their great gear to customer's front doors. Products they carry, including the over 250,000 products that ship.

How They Guide

OpticsPlanet how-to guides contain helpful articles and how-to videos that teach you everything you need to know about firearm maintenance, optics, ammunition, and outdoor recreation.

These quick guides are an excellent resource for anyone looking to hone their skills or learn something new, whether you're a new firearm owner or a seasoned expert.

From ammo to scopes, how-to articles teach you everything you need to know about high-quality gear. For more product information and tutorial videos, visit the OpticsPlanet YouTube page today!

Optics Planet Phone Number
Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897
Intl.: +1-847-513-6201
Fax: +1-866-534-3097

Hours of Operation
9AM-7PM CT Mon-Fri
9AM-5PM CT Sat
9AM-5PM CT Sun (Chat & Email Only)

OpticsPlanet, Inc.
3150 Commercial Avenue
Northbrook, Illinois 60062

There are many types of gun holsters. You can find shoulder holsters, leather holsters, ankle holsters, belt holsters, paddle holsters, pocket holsters, and gun holsters. We have them all listed in one place.

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