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Elite Survival Systems is your choice for premium-quality holsters, cases, and tactical nylon. At Elite Survival Systems, they believe that every individual has a right to the safety of life and that an immediate danger to life requires a quick response.

The responsible carry and use of firearms make the world better and safer. Their mission is to create high-quality, designed products for concealment, discreet transport, and rigorous carry. They strive to serve their customers and users better while promoting best practices in their industry.

Their broad line of concealment gun holsters, packs, backpacks, and cases support almost every style of concealed carry. They are proud that most of their items are made in the USA.

Elite Survival

Who They Are

Elite Survival Systems is a US-based company manufacturing premium quality tactical nylon equipment for the military, law enforcement, and shooting enthusiast.

Their products are sold primarily through their network of dealers and distributors. Products can also be purchased online through their website and ordered over the phone via their print catalog.

ESS is a division of US Tactical Systems Inc., a privately held company based in Washington, Missouri. ESS products are sold under the Elite Survival Systems and Assault Systems labels.

High-quality products and outstanding customer service have helped us earn an extremely loyal customer base. Their mission is to provide you with the latest best technology and survival gear.

You have a job to do So do they. They're with you every step of the way.

Their Mission

Their mission is to create high-quality, intelligently-designed products for concealment, discreet transport, and rigorous tactical uses while better serving customers and promoting best practices in their industry.

Their Vision

At Elite Survival Systems, they envision a world where the responsible use of firearms blends seamlessly into all aspects of life.

Quality Unsurpassed

In 1979 Assault Systems was established. It was the first company ever to produce nylon holsters and weapons cases. Assault Systems developed a legacy of manufacturing standards and unmatched product quality standards.

At present, Elite Survival Systems honors that heritage by standing the famous lifetime guarantee and continuing to produce many of its products in the USA.

Elite Survival has become known as a manufacturer of the industry's highest quality and best-respected nylon tactical gear lines.

Quality Unsurpassed

Your genuine Elite Survival Systems gear never quits. Real hardware requires a simple kit. So, what are you waiting for?

Don't just survive... thrive …

Best Sellers

Elite Survival is the best-seller of nylon tactical gear and accessories. Select Survival products are built to carry a lifetime warranty.

If you are looking for rifle transport, check out their Stealth Covert Operations Backpacks, available in different sizes to fit broken MSRs or SBRs.

Please buy with confidence, knowing you've purchased the best-selling concealed carry gear​, like their pistol concealment holsters, discreet rifle cases, and nylon tactical gear.

Products they offer


Elite Survival Systems holsters are built with the finest materials and artistry. They offer Gun holsters in popular styles such as concealment, tactical, and particular use. Want to carry your firearms inside your waistband?

They have several IWB holsters you can use. If you have a vest, you would like to attach a holster. Check out their modular holsters.

Elite Survival Systems offers a combination of tactical and holsters, from leg to shoulder systems. Whether you need to carry a weapon or out in the open while on duty, They have the holster for you.

All their holsters for sale provide easy access to firearms in many sizes. Elite Survival Systems holsters fit pistols, revolvers, tasers, and more. They also have options for magazines, so you can always have extra ammo on hand. Shop their selection of durable tactical and CCW holsters below!

  • Ankle Holsters
  • Chest Holsters
  • Concealed Carry Holsters
  • Inside the Waistband
  • Outside the Waistband
  • Shoulder Holsters
  • Tactical Holsters


  • Assault Rifle Cases
  • Discreet Carry Bags and Cases
  • Pistol Cases
  • Submachine Gun Cases
  • Standard Rifle Cases

Whether you were searching for a classic Assault Systems-style weapons case or perhaps something more discreet, they've got you covered.

At Elite Survival Systems, they produce one of the industry's most respected lines of tactical rifle and pistol cases. The covert appearance of their obscure style cases and packs allows you to while the construction and feature-rich interiors keep you mission ready.

When selecting a weapon case for your handgun or rifle, it's essential to consider whether it needs to be lockable. Their tactical chances are available in many sizes and configurations. Many of their issues are equipped with locking zippers.

Remember to leave extra room for optics and accessories. Think about wanting to carry your firearm. Elite Survival, quality, and customer satisfaction are paramount. Most tactical gun cases are made in the USA and with a lifetime warranty.

Bags and Packs

  • Backpacks
  • Concealed Carry Bags and packs
  • Luggage and Gear Bags
  • Range Bags
  • Recon Sleeping Bags
Bags and Packs

Be prepared for any hazardous scenario with their collection of the best and premium quality concealed carry backpacks and tactical packs. They offer discreet carry options for both handguns and long guns.

Whether looking for a package for carrying your weapon or simply searching for the perfect tactical bag, They've got you covered. Their tactical gear bags, packs, and luggage designs have been time-tested and built to last.

All their tactical equipment was carefully designed to provide the functions. Browse Elite Survival bags to find a case that fits your firearms. Shop for quality CCW equipment online today.


  • Drop Leg Pouches
  • MOLLE Gear
  • Plate Carriers
  • Shooting Mats
  • Slings
  • Tactical Vests
  • Tactical Accessories

Their tactical gear and equipment line includes tactical vests, rifle slings, modular MOLLE pouches, equipment, and tactical bags and cases. Most tactical nylon gear is made in the USA and is available for immediate shipping.

When looking for premium-quality tactical combat gear, you must do your homework. Ensure your equipment has only the highest quality hardware, such as YKK zippers and Cobra® buckles from AustriAlpin. Materials such as 1000 denier nylon and 500 denier nylon have an extremely high abrasion strength and are designed to withstand even the most rigorous use. Also, pay attention to the warranty.

Their tactical Survival carries a lifetime warranty of defects in materials and artistry, allowing you to buy confidently.


  • Apparel
  • Ammo Carriers
  • Belts
  • Boots
  • Duty Gear
  • Gift Cards
  • Knives and Sharpeners
  • Locks
  • Parts and Components
  • Pouches
  • Hook and Loop Pouches

Be prepared for hazardous situations with their wide selection of tactical parts and accessories. View a large assortment of accessories designed to add capacity and utility to any MOLLE-compatible vest or pack, as well as a wide variety of hook and loop pouches intended to attach to compatible panels and equipment.

Discover EDC & combat tactical gear for sale online at Elite Survival Systems.

Terms Of Service

All products and prices are subject to change without notice. In-stock items are typically shipped within twenty-four (24) hours. Any item that is out of stock will be back ordered for shipment when the product is available. No refunds or exchanges on special order items.

International Orders

All prices are listed in US dollars ($). International customers are responsible for all additional freight charges, including duty and tax.

Refund Policy

Please do not return any merchandise without prior written authorization - no credit will be issued for any such unauthorized return. All claims of returned merchandise must be made within ten days of the invoice date. The product must be returned within 30 days of the date to avoid a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee. All shipping charges incurred by the customer as a result of items returned for refund or exchange are the customer's responsibility.

Regularly Inspecting of Products

Elite Survival Systems products are essential. If your Elite Survival Systems product is loose, worn, damaged, or ineffective, cease use immediately. Immediately contact Elite Survival Systems at this document's address or toll-free number.

Disclaimer Of Warranty

Elite Survival Systems' products can provide years of satisfactory performance when properly used and maintained. However, Elite Survival Systems can't prevent abuse of their products. Elite Survival Systems makes no express or implied warranties on selling its products.

Disclaimed from the sales transaction are all warranties of fitness for the intended use, either expressed or implied. Also disclaimed from the sales transaction is any liability for incidental or consequential damage resulting from using an Elite Survival Systems product.

Elite Survival Systems assumes the risk of the quality and performance of the product. Also, the buyer, and not Elite Survival Systems, is responsible for determining the product's suitability for the intended use.

If you find your Elite Survival Systems product is loose, damaged, or ineffective, assume the risk of all necessary servicing or repair as the buyer. If you have a question regarding your Elite Survival Systems product or Elite Survival Systems' policies, please get in touch with Elite Survival Systems using the contact information on this form.

How to Use

Customer Service Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 Am - 4:30 pm (EST)
Saturday and Sunday closed

310 W 12th St, Washington,
MO 63090, United States
Phone: +1-636-390-8360

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